Sunday, August 15, 2010

We finally made it!!

We have lived in So. Oregon for almost two years and have finally made it to Crater Lake. It was a great Sunday afternoon, free to enter the park today (saved $10), filled my car with gas yesterday in preparation, and took our picnic lunch/dinner. We didn't stay long but it was truly perfect weather, low 70's. If you want to come visit us we would love to take you there and see this beautiful place.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Have You Waited Long Enough??

I know it's been forever since I last happens and I forget how to post pictures, so I think writing is lame. I have to at least update my background once in awhile. I add to change it for the next major holiday....Memorial Day/Flag Day/4th of July. I have come to realize that these are my favorite holidays. I am Proud to be a citizen of the United States of America and I'm proud to have had family serve in the military. Grateful for my Grandpa who fought during WWII on the beaches in Normandy, my dad active in the Air Force for 20 years, and have had 2 of my brothers serve in the armed forces, even having to go across seas. The United States of America is for freedom to all...but not without a price. I hope everyone will remember this great land of which most of us live and think about how much this country is worth to you. I say, "It's Priceless."

Friday, October 30, 2009

"I love you Mom!"

For all those who love the Primary Program at church you will love this one! I had a few kids reluctant to go up at first, but they all made it there. Ryan was fun to watch being a sunbeam and not knowing much of the singing words. He had fun moving his hands around. Emma did great in reading her part. Many told Adam afterwards they were surprised she could read so well for her age. Come on people she is in 1st grade! Ammon would be a stinker by saying his part super fast and then walk away before he was really done. Jocelyn bore her testimony of the Savior and then had another speaking part. Ryan gets up and of course puts his mouth on the microphone...says his little part and then yells out "I love you Mom!" All I can say was too cute!!! It was so funny and I laughed quietly so hard that I was crying. He was so proud of his part, his chance to speak into the microphone, his minute of glory, and he yelled "I love you Mom!" when he was done. Reminded me of an athlete after his game winning act. What a sweetheart!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sorry, long time no write!

I haven't posted anything for a long time, sorry! I'll have to post pictures later but it's been great this last while!! Mother's Day was fun even though I miss the party with the ladies in Idaho/Washington. Adam BBQ'd salmon and I got some fun things about what my kids think of their Mom....have it all on video!! We had a great trip to So. California but weather was not as warm as expected!!! We loved seeing Lindsey and Paul for a day, our friends from the Antelope Valley, watching our favorite Dodgers team, and seeing the parks at Disney and Knott's Berry Farm!!! Can't believe how scared our kids got and yet they still enjoyed it!! I think we don't have much hope for Emma. We scared her right away. She was hard at times but hope Christmas will be better with cousins to coax her instead of her parents!!
Can't forget our exciting weekend when we got back and celebrated Ammon's baptism and birthday the same day!! We had to fill the font ourselves so we just moved the BBQ at the church's pavilion!! We had some family come to celebrate and appreciate all those who came!!! Emma's birthday was hurried...she always get the raw end of the deal being the next day...but none the less we had church, a quick birthday party, and then went for a drive with my brother and wife's family to the Redwoods and California Coast. Beautiful and close. We had their daughter, Carlee, in our car on the way home...she felt sick..and puked in our van!!! Not pleasant, but we sent Jocelyn with them the next day to spend about a month in Boise!!
The Lakers are coming together and we hope to see them get that Championship on Sunday!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emma's Playing Soccer

Now Jocelyn knows what it's like to have her hair loved by a baby!!! That's how I was when you were a baby Jocelyn and loved playing with my long hair!!!

Emma throwing the ball in...she's in little red shorts!! Adam as a ref and her coach!

Emma is starting soccer!!! And Adam is the coach!! Emma wouldn't be playing without Adam volunteering to do's funny because at the games the little kids call him "Coach". It's just cute to watch and Adam does a great job letting them run and kick, plus trying to ref at the same time. Emma did great and she was hot a lot! I think she was embarrassed when we were there at the game. I knew she would be like that...that's why we didn't go to practice!! Ryan wants to play too...he even ran out on the field yesterday during the game! Probably by the end of the season...end of May, they will understand where the ball goes to score and kick it to a teammate. It is all fun times!!!

Easter Weekend April 11-12, 2009

We had a good time hunting eggs at the "Outback" (where they have the 2nd graders) and then again in the Walmart parking lot in our community of Eagle Point. They had different sections for the different ages but lots of children came to participate. At the school they had free baskets, egg dye, grass, etc. all given through Walmart...things that didn't sell in past years! It was great because I really didn't have a basket for Jonah and Ammon had received one from his teacher the day previous. The parking lot was great fun but it was easily all done in about 5 minutes at both events. Jocelyn was sick that night with the flu so the next day I stayed home with her and Jonah and prepared our Easter dinner. We had ham, yummy potatoes, fruit and veggie platter, deviled eggs, and some rolls that were real sinkers...missing Grandma Sally's homemade orange rolls!!! The kids wanted me to do another egg hunt but I just never got around to it with Jocelyn getting sick....didn't get the time to fill the plastic eggs with candy. They got plenty anyhow. Nice to remind the kids that Easter is more than what goes on commercially but remember that it's the atonement and Resurrection of the Savior. The kids looked nice in their new outfits...Jocelyn didn't wears hers, but the boys and Emma looked cute with new clothes!! I even bought Ammon a suit for his baptism coming up June 6th!! Jonah and Ryan look cute as twins don't you think?!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shocking stories the past 24 hours!!

First of all, yesterday while we walking in to church, Jocelyn was asked by her friend, Summer Stone, if she would sing with her in Sacrament Mtg. She said she would. Her and Summer sang "We'll bring the world His Truth" acapella. I couldn't believe it...she hates to sing in front of an audience. Even when it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. and the whole Primary is up there she will not go up. She did so good, though I couldn't really see her behind the podium, and she sang softly. She was very embarrassed and she didn't want to ever sing again. Adam and I were so impressed and glad she did that!
Then this morning when I got up to get Jonah out of the crib he was naked!! He had put all his blankets and such over the railing, took off his pajamas, and even his full diaper! Luckily, he was just wet and there was no other accidents that I could feel!! I couldn't believe my little boy!! I was surprised to see him and he was so happy! :)